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Hi, how have U been???
Iain, I was killing time at work & found that U have a web site, HOW Kool is THAT!!! anyway I just wanted to tell U that, from the 1st time I saw U playing the pipes, w/ OSSIAN @ the Phila. Folk Fest & then when I found that U had left the group & joined BATTLEFIELD Band, for which I have most of their recordings, U have inspired me to learn to play the pipes. NOW, 25+ years later & finding an instructor I am now @ the beginning of playing my pipes. I must add that U made it look so EASY, boy how I was fooled.
I am wondering are U playing anywhere in Scotland this AUG. 22nd til Sept 6th, because my wife & I will be visiting UR Gr8 land then??? It would be an honor to see U & maybe tip a pint or 2.
Hope 2 C U then...
Posted by John A. Rambo on 12 July 2010
Hope myou are getting loads of good praise for your jobm, I saw you play, your brill! :)

J MacIntire
Posted by John MacIntire on 14 February 2010
Best wishes
Greetings from Russia!
I think that you are one of the best pipers and flute-players in the world!
Great success to you, Iain!
Posted by Azamat on 27 November 2008
... you look totally like my dad in his younger years!

i love your starry background and the images, they brought back lovely memories ...

well done for getting online :P
Posted by Patricia on 01 April 2008
Love First Harvest and greeting from Shipman, Viginia
Posted by Joe Edwards on 20 March 2008
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